Arduino based Beacon

The beacon at 21.3884MHz is only switched on temporarily. Can be remote controlled.
Sends - vvvvv de PA1W/B beacon jo21rj 350mW -
Antenna is often a vertical 10m j-ant matched to 15 m.

Principle: xtal osc. at 10.695MHz with doubler, filter, amplifier with bandfilter, 1W amplifier with keying circuit, harmonic filter. 1W is only delivered if the voltage is 14V. At 12V the output power is 320mW and 200mW a bit below 12V. Transistor is not running hot at those low power values.

Will be used when I am on holiday to tune antenna´s and to check 15m propagation to the Netherlands. If the band is very quiet only. I experienced a quiet band even during openings. This beacon is used very rarely.

The (external) Raspberry Pi is used for remote control. This beacon can run stand-alone using the Arduino.

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